Premium Brands

Why Premium Brand Tyres Are Capable Of Making A Real Difference

Whilst browsing tyres for your car online, you’ll find yourself searching through three different types of tyres available to you, i.e. premium, mid-range, and budget tyres. Although you might be tempted to opt for the cheaper option, we believe that by investing your money in premium Bridgestone tyres in Brisbane, you can ensure your car is functioning at its optimal level.

As you know, a car is a significant investment. Not only in terms of cost, but also more importantly in terms of safety. Is it really worth trying to cut costs on an important product that could end up saving your life someday? We recommend that all of our customers choose to select premium tyres from the vast range of Dunlop and Bridgestone tyres in Brisbane that we stock, ultimately ensuring the safety of everyone that travels in your car.

Premium Tyres in Brisbane

Even though the process of making tyres might seem like an easy pour of liquid rubber into a well-designed mould, there’s actually a lot more to the process of producing a Bridgestone tyre in Brisbane than expected. If a car’s structure is responsible for the comfort and balance of your car whilst driving, the tyres are equally responsible for a comfortable and safe journey.

A tyre is crucial in a car’s structure and needless to say, premium tyres are specifically designed to meet a particularly high standard of functionality. When you choose a budget tyre rather than a premium Bridgestone tyre in Brisbane, you’re allowing the value of the tyre to drop solely due to a lower price point. If you don’t believe us, you may believe the opinion of tyre industry experts. None of which would vouch for a budget tyre over a premium Bridgestone tyre in Brisbane. It’s that simple. Premium tyres are well-designed and were produced to give an elite experience to all the customers that buy them for their vehicles.

Here’s how buying premium Bridgestone or Dunlop tyres in Brisbane could help you in the long run:

  • Fuel efficiency: Buying premium tyres will inevitably help you save money in the long run, since they’re designed for better fuel efficiency on the roads. Due to the fact that there’s less resistance between the tyre and the road, you end up saving more money on your usual fuel stops.
  • Long-lasting: This may seem obvious, but premium tyres are designed to last you a substantially longer time than a standard budget tyre. Budget tyres are designed to run your car for the sake of running it, while a premium tyre is designed to make your car run a long, smooth life.
  • Better handling: Premium tyres might cost you more money, but in terms of handling on the road, you’ll thank yourself later. The design of a premium tyre allows your car to maintain more traction on the road, making the vehicle more safe and easy to handle.

At Mr Tyre, we stock an array of premium tyres that are suitable for all sorts of different vehicles. Whether you need to get your old tyres replaced, or simply want a fresh set of premium tyres for better performance, you can reach out to us at 1300 678 973 or simply post your query in the ‘contact us’ section of our website. Reach out for expert tyre assistance today!