BEST WAY to check what TYRE SIZE should be on your Car

Mr Tyre @ 2019-11-29 22:20:12 +1000
Cars are designed to use a certain size tyre with a particular load and speed. Research and Development is completed by Car Manufacturers to select a certain tyre size to ensure Performance and Safety.

Most Vehicles have a Sticker / Plakard located on the Pillar inside the Driver Door or under the Bonnet. 
This sticker clearly defines a tyre size or a range of tyre sizes that can be installed on a Vehicle. 
Vehicle owners reguarly put a larger rim size on their vehicles but its important that they use the OE tyre size to work out the rolling diameter of the larger tyre being installed. This is to ensure the speedo or in some cases vehicle running gear (Like Gearbox) is not effected. 
best place to do this is on

If unsure please feel free to talk to the team at Mr Tyre Online 1300678973 or



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