Are you confused after visiting your local Tyre Store?

Mr Tyre @ 2017-08-19 09:27:53 +1000

Buying new tyres for your car, SUV, Trailer or Caravan should be a simple process, however some tyre shops make it sound much more difficult than it really is. 

The best advice I can offer you is to spend 5 minutes to understand your tyre size and load rating. Most tyres easily display the tyre size on the sidewall (as per picture) of the tyre like (175/70 R13) and they have a load and speed displayed just after the tyre size (ie: 82 T) These sizes are usually also found just inside the driver door on a small sticker. 

When selecting a tyre size you simply select the same size (ie: 175/70 R13) and ensure that you at least choose a tyre with a load with a minimum of what you have or should have. For example if you should have a 82 load. then you can also use an 84 or 85 etc. 

With the speed rating, this is not that important on Australian road unless you expect to using the vehicle well above the highest speed limit in Australia being 110KM Per hour. 

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