235/55R18 General Grabber AT3 104H All Terrain

235/55R18 General Grabber AT3 104H All Terrain

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The new Grabber AT3

 For the new Grabber ATthe engineers at General Tire have also developed no fewer than three new technologies that endow their latest arrival with high grip both on- and off-road, enhanced acoustic performance, and high mileage. “TracGen” technology, for example, includes an open shoulder design, traction ridges, what the developers call “traction pockets”, and sipes arranged at different angles. This combination of design features boosts the self-cleaning properties of the tread, permits good interlocking with loose surfaces and provides a large number of edges to deliver grip in every direction. The second technology from the developers’ bag of tricks is called “DuraGen” and its job is to boost mileage in rough terrain and under high torsion – i.e. when side loads are applied to part of the tread.  This meant developing a new tyre compound that provides excellent chip and cut resistance.  In addition, stone bumpers protect the tread base, helping to ensure that stones don’t get stuck in the tread and damage the tyre.  And extremely strong steel belts help the tyre to deliver high mileage. The third technology, known as “ComfortBalance” demonstrates the developers’ success in overcoming the conflicting interests of ride comfort on asphalt and good off-road grip.  The balanced block geometry of the tread with low stiffness and the specially modified arrangement of the blocks in the center of the tread reduce vibration in the tyre, which makes for good ride comfort on the road, while also providing an even footprint. On wet and dry asphalt, the new Grabber ATperforms at the same high level as its predecessor, while traction on snow has been substantially improved. In off-road use, grip in mud and on wet grass has been improved, and the tyre presents higher resistance to tread damage than its predecessor. In the coming fall, General Tire will initially be producing 44 metric sizes for rims between 15 and 20 inches, with an additional 20 LT and C sizes to follow in the spring of 2017. These tyres are approved for speeds of up to 240 km/h. As an all-season tyre, the Grabber AT3 bears the M+S mark and the snowflake symbol to document its safe handling characteristics on snow-covered roads.

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