AfterPay (online only)

AfterPay is relatively new on the scene and they’ve been great for us as they are solely an online payment plan. We’ve been wanting an online payment plan for some time and AfterPay has really stepped up. They are more focused on smaller ticket items however with a maximum price of $1000 but they’re great for buying that first guitar or amp or even a drum kit. They also allow you 8 weeks to pay off your goods which is generally more than enough for transactions under $1000. Generally you will have to make payments every two weeks for an eight week period so basically four payments and you’re done! We have noticed though that if you’re a first time AfterPay user then your first payment will come out immediately and then your second payment will be two weeks from then so be aware that this would essentially turn it into a six week payment plan.

If you’re a first time AfterPay user you may actually get knocked back for payments over $400-$500 until after you’ve done some smaller transactions with them so be wary of that. All in all though AfterPay is a VERY good way of paying off relatively small transactions in a decent amount of time to help the stress on your weekly cash flow.

Afterpay charge us a very small fee so we offer this payment plans on all our online stock under $1000 even with full discounts.


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